Watercolour artworks for sale from China by John Short. Browse through a selection of high quality limited edition prints & original paintings and drawings from John’s private collection.

  • Watercolour Print For Sale Of Cormorants Xitang Watertown Jiashan China By John Short Irish Artist


    From ink and watercolour sketchbook drawings on a field trip to Xitang Watertown, Jiashan, China.
    Limited Edition Print - 100 × 36 cm
  • Watercolour Painting For Sale Of Dancers In A Park Shanghai China By John Short Irish Artist


    An assembly of dancers in the Red and Black dance group from a field trip to Shanghai near the Bund.
    Original Painting - N/A
  • Qinhuangdao Beach Scene

    An assembly of figures on a beach from a field trip to Qinhuangdao, China
    Original Painting - 150 × 45 cm